Tsubame College Notebook B5

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If ever there was an "iconic" notebook of Japan, the Tsubame Note would be it. Its smooth laid-finish paper, soft gray cover flecked with money-paper-like threads, black spine and yellow thumb tape no doubt bring back warm memories to every student that attended college in Japan since the 1940s. In fact, it is still widely in use and has hardly changed in 60 years; basically, it is to Japan what the "composition notebook" is to the United States, except that it comes in multiple page counts, patterns and sizes...and has superior quality paper. It is so ubiquitous that the are frequently featured in Japanese "goods" magazines, in movies, on TV and basically everywhere.   This listing is for the "B5" size, which measures approximately 7x10 inches....each varies slightly depending on the page count, so here are the exact dimensions: 40 sheets, 80 pages - 178x252mm (5mm thick), single signature 50 sheets, 100 pages - 178x252mm (6mm thick), single signature 100 sheets, 200 pages - 178x247mm (11mm thick), four signatures   All notebooks have lines spaced 7.5mm apart.   Please note that despite being high quality, these are also a great value for the student or anyone else that cares about writing on great paper. In fact, we feel they are probably the cheapest notebooks around, inch for inch.