Pilot V Pen Disposable Fine Nib

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  Here in the states, the F-nib V-pens is hard to find, which is a shame, because it's a great value, reliable writer, and a good way to get started in fountain pens. It is also perfect for those that want fountain pen performance without its pretentions - it has no fancy clip, no shiny barrel, no gold nib. You remove its cap and write. It runs out of ink and you throw it away. To the casual observer it's just another pen, so you can use it in stealth, without feeling like a snob (if you care about that sort of thing). And if someone at your next meeting offhandedly asks to borrow your pen to sign the roll-call sheet, you can, with no worries about nib damage, simply hand it over. As an added bonus, you may get some mild amusement from their confusion and fumbling while they try to figure out how to use what you just loaned them. But chances are, you will just like this pen for its hassle-free performance....and at just a few dollars, it's hard to not LOVE it. It is very simple, with an all-plastic body, smooth-writing steel nib, and pretty useless ink level window. It lays down a fine line, thinner than a medium, thicker than some fines, but still fine. Finally, its nib has a pleasant bounce that is lacking in most pens with a gold nib! Overall, it's a great pen that you may find yourself going back to again and again, regardless of what you may already have on hand.