LIFE Noble Notebook - Ruled

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I think that most if not all people serious about using fine Japanese writing paper encounter the Life brand at some point. Some people even use Life for all their writing needs exclusively, which is possible because of their vast selection of products and formats (including envelopes, postcards, record journals, etc.) The cream paper in this notebook is classic, and is Life's signature item, with its laid-like watermarking, thread binding and taped spine. It is a simple design, and I will dare to call it rustic because of its four thick signatures (signatures are the individual sewn sections that make up the book block; the book block is cased in by the cover), as opposed to, say, the 11 signatures in the Midori MD notebook which actually has fewer pages. So, you could say that the Life notebook is not necessarily refined like a Midori MD or Apica Premium CD, but it is well-made, rugged, and not fussy. If Indiana Jones carried a notebook, I think he would have been very pleased with those qualities.   Each notebook has 100 sheets of 8mm ruled fine cream paper. Available sizes are  A4, B5 and A5. Please select the size from the options list. Please click here if you'd like to read more about international paper sizes.