Kokuyo Field "Sketch" Notebook - 3 pack

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This "Sketch" book from Kokuyo has remained unchanged since it was introduced to government employees in the 1950s. Its hard, thick cover is strong and stiff enough for writing while standing, making it great for use on the shop floor, while birdwatching, or anywhere else you need to jot down some quick notes.   What's more, the paper is excellent quality - the photos show some sample lines drawn with fountain pen B nib using Sailor Jentle blue-black ink. There is minimal feathering and bleed-through. Construction is also robust, featuring a real thread-bound book block, with 40 sheets/80 pages sewn into 5 signatures.   Why settle for one of those marketing-driven staple-bound faux-cool pocket notebooks when you can have the real thing, with 60% more paper for your dollar to boot!   Comes three to a pack. Each book measures 165x95mm and the pages measure 160x90mm with a 3mm grid.