Apica Figurare Wire Notebook B5

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If you need a wire-bound notebook, this is a pretty good one. I like it mainly for the thick orange cover - it has a nice hue and texture that stands out, yet is still tasteful, and the letterpress printing on the edge is cool and surprising. I think that if anyone saw one of these "in the wild" they would do a double-take. Well, anyone that is into notebooks, that is. Another thing I like about the cover is that after a while it gets beat up looking. The pics show my Apica after the edges have been repaired. They were starting to fray so I taped them with book repair tape, which is thick and substantial, and not like cheap dollar store shipping tape. As for the paper, it's ok - not at the level of LIFE writing paper, but better than plain old notebook and composition book paper. It will feather a bit - not too much - but it does not bleed through. Just being honest you know.   The cover measures 255x180mm (slightly larger than B5), and there are 60 sheets inside. Each sheet has 32 lines spaced 6.5mm apart.