Apica English Penmanship Notebook B5

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The moment I saw this notebook, I knew it would help me improve my handwriting - and it did. It has 13 staffs of 4 lines each. The middle space is for small letters (a, c, o, i, etc.), the top space is for ascenders (capitals and h, l, b, etc.), and the bottom space is for descenders (g, j, p, etc.). There is even a handy lettering guide on the inside front cover. These types of notebooks are actually very popular in Japan, and some brands have better paper than others. After testing several, I felt this one had the smoothest paper, very fountain pen friendly, and I liked its tasteful ivory cover. If you are interested at all in practicing or improving your handwriting, this notebook might work well for you. Size is B5 (252mm x 176mm).